Of course what shop would be complete without a jukebox? Here it is right next to the main workbench.

Ok, lets be honest about this. Who among you out there doesn't enjoy having the right tool for the right job ? 

Not making due with a regular wrench when you could go out to Sears and spend some bucks on their new quick wrench? Or their newer wrenches with the ratchet built right into the box end? Huh? Huh?

Why listen to a radio when you can listen to the Jukebox?
Patience is a virtue, sendomly found in a man and never in a woman
This page was last updated on: December 31, 2015
240v Plasma Cutter will cut up to 1/8" steel.
Motto: "He who dies with the most toys, wins!"
This is my main bench. I sure could be more organized. The center picture shows "The Corner". The blue & grey drawers contain cotter pins, nuts & bolts, screws, electrical stuff, and all sorts of fasteners you always need and never seem to have.
Here's a panoramic view of the shop from the door. It's about 2,500 sq. ft. From left to right: 1970 Cougar, behind it is the 374 DIVCO parts truck, behind that is the 300C being restored, back center is the spray booth and tools and work area on the right. That's my motorcycle and my sons 1984 mustang.
5 Ton Punch Press
Acetylene cutting torch.
Blasting Cabinet
New addition to the shop: I have accumulated so many painting supplies, paint, sanding & finishing supplies & equipment that they are stored all over the place. I have some storage space behind the Spray Booth so I'm building a 7' x 14' Paint Prep & Storage Room. This will be a welcome addition & really organize things.  
240v Mig Welder can weld anything from as thin as razor blades up to 1/4 ". I just recently purchased the adapters to weld aluminum also.
220v Spot Welder
Horizontal Band Saw
Box & Pan Brake 4'
Drill press
Air Tools
Porta Band
Rivet Tools
Metal Brake 8'
Here's the empty space.
Almost finished.
12" Band Saw
10" Table Saw
English Wheel