This page was last updated on: January 13, 2016
This Spray Booth actually belongs to my daughter, Hannah.
The Spray Booth is a side draft 14' x 34' x 9.5' tall. Plenty big to fit a DIVCO Truck inside. ( I Hope!) I painted the interior with a peel-away paint that can be peeled off when it gets dirty. The booth also came with infrared heaters but I don't have the power in the building to run them.
Here it is all finished. I couldn't wait to do my first paint job in here. They say the quality is superb.

That's me trying out the new fresh air mask.

Not a pretty site, but plenty of room to work.
Here's the first paint job in the booth. John's rear wing for his Mustang. A beautiful. orange-peel-free finish.
Of course, this is me "THE PROFESSIONAL", 
  if you believe that, I've got a bridge for you.
The finished Product!
I almost could not believe the great paint finish. I was used to painting in the garage and then spending hours compounding out the dust nibs. They don't exist in here. There's no compounding or polishing, just roll the vehicle out and it's done. This was probably the best investment I have ever made.
Here is several DIVCO pieces being coated with Corroless, a rust stabilizer. After sand blasting I coat most parts. I don't want a speck of rust I missed coming back to haunt me in the future. Corroless is available from The Eastwood Company.

The parts are: both front side panels, the lower real bumper brackets, the upper door slides and the patch panels I created for under the front windows.

​This is a picture of my two most favorite spray guns. On the left is the OMX 610 from DeVilbis and the other is a SATA. Both are HVLP. I like to use the OMX for undercoating or primer and very light colored base coats. The SATA is terrific on other base coats and clear coat. The first time I used this gun I was amazed at the quality of the application
Finally got the 306F ready for the Booth. I'll use DuPont Chroma base system. That's a base coat of color and a clear coat on top. My color scheme is forest green on the bottom and white on top. Hannah says to spray the white, let it sit for 30 minutes & then tape the line where green meets white. I used DuPont Fine Line Tape as it will pull off and leave a clean, sharp edge instead of a jagged edge left by regular masking tape
Because of the two tone color scheme, I have to paint the hood off the truck. If you look closely you can see the flat tires to get it in the booth. With a little luck It'll see paint this weekend.
We're in Primer!
I first painted the upper half white. Here, it's taped off & ready for the green.
Yup! That's me. Hannah stopped by to see my progress. Thank goodness she did, she had invaluable tips on proper taping & spraying.
Here it is in Clear Coat.
and the finished hood.
Getting the DIVCO out of the spray booth turned out to be a real trial of nerves. Remember I had flattened the tires to drive it in? Well, backing it out the truck would not track straight. It lurched seriously to the left and swiped the booth door taking paint off the truck! Bummer! This is a picture of the dolly I made to pull the truck out of the booth. The wheels are IBM heavy duty, rated at 650 lbs. each. The truck rolled smoothly out. Now all I have to do is repair the rear left quarter.
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