Still Under Construction
So I have retired from DIVCO Restoration...... I need something else to do. Here it is "Woodworking" I really enjoy making Cabinets & Furniture.
My Shop is in my garage.. no heat so I don't know how long I'll continue into the winter. I have not worked with wood for years.
This is building a cabinet to hold my tools & supplies.
The finished product. I thought to stain it but after looking at it natural, I thought why hide all that beautiful pine.
This cabinet is over the work bench. This was my first attempt at doing door mullions.  
This is a dresser for my neighbor. I'm also making a pair of night tables to match. Note the rounded corners with flutes. I usually install metal drawer slides. On these I'm using the wooden center rail.
I made a jig to sit on my lathe so that I can  round the corners and cut the flutes in the furniture..
I really enjoy making Curio Cabinets. This is a pair that will have glass shelves and lights.
Gluing 30 degree corners is difficult, so I made these special clamps.
Mirror Detail
I built this cabinet for my neighbors John & Dorothy. They needed additional cabinet space in their Kitchen. Notice the Dovetail Drawers.
This is the finished product. Three coats of (2part Red Mahogany/1part Ebony) and then three coats of Lacquer.
A corner closet for the dining room.
This is a wine cabinet for my son John. It'll be finished with dark glass doors and a wine rack on the bottom. Note the wine glass holder. I also have lights installed to show off the glasses and the wine bottles stored below.
This is Queen Anne Low Boy. I always wanted to do the cabriole legs. Well here they are.
I built these cradles for my daughter Hannah. Sofia & Savannah can play with the smaller one that is sized for the American Girl. The larger one is for her new daughter (to be born) Selena.
I built two of these in 2009 from plans by Fine Woodworking Magazine. Now in 2015 I got the itch again (being retired), and bought African Mahogany to build two more.
​Built one of these work carts for my son. Liked it so much I built one for myself 24x30x35 tall.
A Cabinet with pull out trash cans.
This was another fun project. My son needed two night stands. I made these out of northern pine using mortise and tenons with dovetail drawers.  The finish is Red Mahogany. Notice the pull out shelf.