Maine was a terrific vacation. We went sailing, sightseeing, and had just a great time
Yup! This is me. Got my own web page and all. If you've found this page through Jack's website, you have obviously had to page through all that other dribble about DIVCO's and stuff. This page is where it's at.

Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Rabbit!, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, World Traveler, Philosopher, Humanitarion and Rabbitarian 
This page was last updated on: December 31, 2015
Went to Florida in January. Boy it was hot. That's me on the right with my Rayban's, and Mom catch'n some rays.
Here I am cooking Lobster by Rangeley Lake in Maine.
Man it was good!
Check out my Alaska Vacation. Now there was an adventure!
Yahoo!... Woweee!!  Finally!  That cheap no account beggar of an owner finally got me my own webpage!  Now, aren't you jealous? Huh? Huh? Huh? How many other rabbits do you know that have their own web address? Huh?
No, only one of those drinks were for me. 
We did the Bike Run to Childrens Hospital with Toys last fall. It was cold riding but the sun stayed out all day and got warmer. 
The picture above is of me & Hannah wait'n online.
Went to Hooters after the Bike Run.
Me'n Bud getting ready for the Super Bowl
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Ahh! Here I am on the beach in Cape May New Jersey. June 5th. The temp is about 85 and the water was about 60. Really felt good. I had to use a lot of sun block because it was bright.
Went to a Country & Western Dinner. This is me & Bear just hang'in out. No, those bottles are his. I was drinking Ginger Ale.
Of course I can't go anywhere without someone picking me up and squeezing me. I'm soo cute and cuddly. This is my friend Jane. Do you think her husband is jealous?
Key West, Florida
Here I am on Duval Street. I needed to get a T-Shirt so I stopped into A & M of Key West. Aren't these guy's great? They took the time to let me get a photo with them. Hi Noam & Nir, hope you're doing well, & thanks!
Also. I'm a Hard Rock Freak so we stopped into the local Hard Rock on Duval Street for some refreshments.