My Trip to Alaska
Here we are in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. (that's Jack sitting to my left) This is the outside veranda at the Waterfront Centre Hotel. What a beautiful view of the docks and surrounding area. After the long flight it was a pleasure to sit out here enjoying a cup of tea and chatting. Everyone was pleasant here, especially Gordon and Karen.
as told by Rabbit!
Would you believe I was kidnapped or rabbit-napped? There I was, just sitting there enjoying my tea and wham! gone just like that. Jack found this ransom note where I was sitting. He told me later he was mortified. He'd just turned his back for an instant and I was gone. At first he thought I'd gone to the restroom or maybe chased some good looking bunny down the street. But after I didn't return for a while he noticed this ransom note on my chair.  In case you can't read it, it says; IF YOU WANT YOUR BUNNY HUNT ME DOWN

As it turns out it was not a serious rabbit-napping. It was a joke played out by Gordon the server. What a really nice person he is. Here we are, just a couple of out of towners, sitting there in a strange place and he made us feel really welcome. Thanks Gordon!
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Meanwhile........  here's how the trip home went.....
This is the train ride to Anchorage. It took a few hours and went through the mountains. What a great trip.
Airplane food is Airplane food! So I packed my own carrots
Of course, I should have layed off the booze. Those barf bags are terrible to use!
Sailed from Vancouver to Ketchekan (I'm not sure how to spell it) and then to Juneau. That's where I met Kurt. He was really nice, let me sit at his table and stuff while I had a Coors Light. I'm not much for conversation but Kurt was really talkative. I think he must talk to rabbits all the time. Anyway this picture was taken in the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau. A really nice place, saw dust on the floor, good music and great atmosphere. "Thanks Kurt for the good time."
The Red Dog Saloon... Full of nostalgia, history and just a great place to eat & drink. If you get to Juneau you can't miss it.
This is our Ship.
Port of Valdez
I think this is KetcheKan
A Glacier
Here are some scenery pictures

Notice the Bear?
So, the airplane ride home was something else........
Breath Taking Scenery all the way!
That's me checking things out.