Fritz Helmerich's DIVCO  DCOA #833
This page was last updated on: January 5, 2016
This is Fritz's 1947 UM7 Stand Drive DIVCO
Here it is being delivered to me from Colorado. It belonged to Sinton's Dairy in Colorado Springs.
I have rebuilt the drive train and have everything working. Just waiting for paint.
This is a picture of my grandfather's truck. This is how I plan to paint mine.
It may look rough, but it's a plesaure to drive around in.
Update: The rear in the truck is a 6:60 which equates to a top speed of 33 miles per hour (wow). Fritz acquired a 5:10 and installed it, now he can go at a blazing 45 mph!
Dean Swanson's DIVCO       Troy, Michigan
This is my newly acquired 1967 300B.  I plan to fully restore it over the next few years.
Bret Geilman's DIVCO          near Salt Lake City, Utah
I purchased this on e-bay, it was in Las Vegas. Immediate plans are to get it cleaned up and running just to tool around town. Longer range plans is to convert it to a custom van.
If you have a DIVCO I would like to put it on this page for others to enjoy.
Rich Ferguson's DIVCO          California
1965 DIVCO with a small block Chevy 400HP, 4L80E Trans, air suspension and a ford Rear end.
Bob Gouveia's 1966      Massachussets
Restoration plans include repainting to the same color scheme as the Braley's Creamery Trucks from Dartmouth Mass., where his father Serry Gouveia worked in the early 50's.
I took this picture a couple of years ago. Rosenberger's Dairy's retirement jard. This is where I got my 306F. What a pretty sight, huh?
Mike Connors' DIVCO      Eatontown, New Jersey
This is a 1963 300E. Mike plans a full restoration. The paint scheme will be white with black fenders and feature the "Shore Dairies, Inc." logo, Shore Dairies is where Mike's father worked.
Shane Cagle's DIVCO's                    Asheboro North Carolina
1966 300D                                                           1948 UM8
Shane plans to restore the UM8 first. It was used by Melville Dairy in Burlington NC and then sat in a barn for 35 years. The 300D was used by Hunter Farms in Charlotte NC before it was turned into a beer truck.
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Bob Gehres from Spokane Washington took these pictures. This DIVCO spent a number of years outside a restaurant. The new owner is getting it running to drive it around. Additional plans for restoration are unknown.         
Looks Like a Hercules Flathead.
Thanks Bob for the pictures!
Don't ya just love the gas tank paint job?
August 2004 Update: Here it is all painted & lettered.
What a beautiful DIVCO. Fritz even had the lettering done by hand for that "original look".
Finally got it running. Here it is at a recent event.
This is my wife's truck a 1936 Twin Coach.