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Wow! Here's another Treasure Trove: It's April 4th, 2003. My son saw these while driving a back road in New Jersey. The green truck has a butter box that I have been searching for. Hopefully next weekend I can get a closer look at these beauties. and I did, see below;
The yard owner was not around when I snapped these pictures through the fence.
April 24th:
I should have just looked through the fence. Unfortunately, two of these trucks are beyond hope. The green truck is complete, although thoroughly rusted. It would make a restoration but only with serious work applied. The truck above and to the right was stripped of all fenders and the windshield molding was totally rusted out.
They all had the 4 cylinder flat head engine and they all were sit/stand equipped. I suppose if you got all three you could make one good truck after a lot of rust repairing.
I was disappointed though, the owner thinks he's sitting on a gold mine. He wants $2,000 each for the trucks. He didn't seem interested in even parting out the wrecked one. I'm afraid these are going to sit here and rust away.
I need parts. It's June 3, 2001 and I get a tip from a good friend Vince, that there may be a couple DIVCO's in SE Pa. So Saturday morning my son and another friend Rich take a ride out there. Here's what we found:
Here's one of the smaller DIVCO's.I couldn't get too close to it. There were alligators, snakes, piranhas, and demons. It was rusted terribly also. I could see that the seat was missing.
‚ÄčThis was a good experience. Even though I didn't find the parts I wanted, it was a good day. I spoke with Sara and Alan. They were very receptive to my questions and are good people. Here's their business card in the event you want to find something.
If you know of a junk yard that has DIVCO's let me know. I'll post them here for others to see.
This weekend, Aug 18th, we're going back to this yard to look for parts for a 1963 Lincoln. My son in law, Chris just bought one to restore. It was hit pretty bad in the front and he needs a lot of parts. I called Criswells & they have two 63's in inventory. This is a real classic. About as big as a tank! The wheels are so big they look like they belong on my DIVCO. The car he bought is really clean. It appears someone had it completely restored up to and including primer when it got hit.  
This is a 1961 convertible. It appeared almost complete except for some engine compartment stuff. I think we walked past it two or three times before we found it. I could only take this picture after beating back all the weeds. It's a jungle.
October 25, 2001: Here's a DIVCO someone found in the North West U.S. A close up of the pictures says this truck is pretty well kept. Although the engine & tranny are gone.